Monday, February 4, 2013

Books delivered: Raa Maakurathu ~ The Book Project

The 23rd Male' Scout Group initiative, "The Book Project" has donated over 700 books to Raa Maakurathu School library. The School has a student population of 244, with 28 staff, including teachers and management. For the last few years Maakurathu School Library has been struggling to get books and other educational materials, however budget shortage has prevented school management from investing on these needs.

The concept of The Book Project is to identify communities (Islands) in Maldives where schools do not have sufficient library resources and to provide and supply them with books and other reading materials. The Book Project team, considered to test-run the project in Maakurathu, the Raa. Maakurathu project was a pilot one to build on and follow by the Book Project initiative.
23rd Male' Scout Group received over 700 books through 'REVIVE', a local NGO registered in Maldives that works on  History, Education and Culture. We take this opportunity to thank REVIVE for the contribution, your contributions are well in use.
All books we received were entered into a Database where necessary information was entered, and a unique ID no. was given to each book, after which the books were categorized and packed accordingly. Two bookshelves were also donated on behalf of 23rd Male' to the School along with the books. After much delay due to different issues, we were finally able to make it all happen and get all the books and shelves delivered to the School on 17th January 2013.
A special thanks to all the Rovers and well wishers who helped through out the process to make it happen. With the many experiences and knowledge gained from this pilot project, 23rd Male' Scout Group will be working to implement 3-4 more donations through The Book Project. And will be looking for oppotunities to collaborate and partner with relevant organizations and institutions to make The Book Project more successful and comprehensive.
We consider the Maakurathu project a success and we wish students and teachers of Maakurathu School all the best and hope these books will be of good use and help.
The Book Project is a volunteer initiative from the 23rd Male' Scout Group and is part of our commitment to the community. Our Crew consider this project as a Messengers of Peace project.

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